Monday, October 14, 2013

Light Color Temperature; Applications of Different color Tempratures

This is the color of the light as perceived by the human eye.

It is measured in degrees Kelvin (°K) •

The general terms used for artificial light colors are:

Warm White -- 3000 K
Cool White   -- 4100 K
Daylight       -- 6500 K – This is what our bulbs & tubes are

Detailed application of Different color temperature:-

5000- 8000 K -- Daylight White for Petrol Pumps & Winter good shops
4000-5000 K  -- Cool White for Offices, Hospital, industries
3500-4000 K  -- Super Stores, Showrooms
2700-3000 K -- Warm White For Residential Lights, Restaurants
2000-2500 K -- Extra Warm for Display, Street lights