Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why Electrical earthing required and Why Electronic Earthing required ?

Earthing is required for protection of both man and machine. In day to day activities we are using electrical and electronic appliances e.g. for Fans, Television, Lights etc. For protection of both man and machine earthing is used. Earthing provides protection against fault in the system.
These faults are associated with very heavy currents which may leads to shock to persons working on the system and even causes failure of equipments.

There is underlying principle in electrical systems that "Current always follows low resistance path. Human body is having high resistance but whenever there is fault in system then that current starts flowing th so if earthing is provided then current will flow in to earth and protect human beings from Shock.

Picture shows below how earthing can protect a Human being from Shock. Earthing means connecting the neutral point of supply system or Non current part such as body to the earth via low resistance path.

Good Electrical Earthing & Its' Advantages:- 
1. Good Electrical earthing should have low resistance path to current so that whenever any fault occurred with ground all fault get flow to earth and should not effect other circuit whose protection is required.

2. Good electrical earthing prevents human body from getting shock.

3. Good electrical earthing provides stability to electrical system by balancing voltage and current in 3-Phase circuit.