Friday, February 21, 2014

Lighting System Designing Zones

There are following lighting Zones in Designing lighting system of any area:-

Zone Recommended Uses or Areas Zoning Considerations

Lighting Zone 0 should be applied to areas in which permanent lighting is not expected and when used, is limited in the amount of lighting and the period of operation.
LZ-0 typically includes undeveloped areas of open spaces, Parks , Outside area of any industry . Special review should be required for any permanent lighting in this zone.


Lighting Zone 1 pertains to areas that desire low lighting levels.
These typically residential communities with low Population, rural town centers, business parks, and other commercial or industrial/storage areas typically with limited night time activity.

This zone also Includes agricultural zone districts; rural residential zone districts; business parks; open space include preserves in developed areas.


Lighting Zone 2 pertains to areas with moderate lighting levels.

These typically include Highly Populated residential uses, institutional residential uses, schools, churches, hospitals, hotels/motels, commercial and/or businesses areas, playing fields and.


Lighting Zone 3 pertains to areas with moderately high lighting levels.

These typically include commercial corridors, high intensity suburban commercial areas, town centers, mixed use areas, industrial uses and shipping and rail yards with high night time activity, regional shopping malls, car dealerships, gas stations, Petrol Pumps and other nighttime active exterior retail areas.

Lighting zone 4 pertains to areas of very high ambient lighting levels. LZ-4 should only be used for special cases and is not appropriate for most cities. LZ-4 may be used for extremely unusual installations such as high density entertainment districts, and
heavy industrial uses.