Thursday, March 6, 2014

Electrical Standards From IEC 60134 to IEC 60298

IEC 60134à Absolute maximum and design ratings of tube and semiconductor devices
IEC 60137à Bushings for alternating voltages above 1000V

IEC 60146à Semiconductor Converters
IEC 60169à Radio-frequency connectors
IEC 60183à Guide to the selection of high voltage cables
IEC 60204à Safety of machinery
IEC 60214à On-load tap changers
IEC 60228à Conductors of insulated cables
IEC 60233à Tests on Hollow Insulators for use in Electrical Equipment
IEC 60238à Edison screw lampholders
IEC 60245à Rubber-Insulated Cables
IEC 60255à Electrical Relays
IEC 60268à Sound system equipment
IEC 60269à Low voltage fuses
IEC 60270à High-Voltage Test Techniques - Partial Discharge Measurements
IEC 60287à Calculation of permissible current in cables at steady state rating
IEC 60092-350à Shipboard Power cables-General construction and Test Requirements
IEC 60296à Mineral Insulating oils for transformers & switchgear
IEC 60297à 19-inch rack
IEC 60298à high voltage switchgear in metallic enclosure