Friday, April 4, 2014

Electricity Saving tips; How to save electricity

We Consume lot of electricity without any effective utilization.

Below are the few tips which will surely help you to reduce your electricity bill.

  •  Switch off Electricity supply when not in use e.g. we Switch off TV from Remote but not its power supply make a habit of switching off TV supply when not use as there is power drawn by TV even when it’s supply remains on. You might be thinking that how TV set draws power when switched off from remote. As electronic circuit consumes power whenever supply remains on. Similarly for Laptops, Computers, Greasers, Microwaves, Choppers, Mobile chargers etc.

              So Switch Off Supply of every device after use.

à Use CFL’S instead of Tube lights and Bulbs as CFL'S consumes lesser power, also in tube lights there are chokes which consumes more power. Also CFL having 15W rating provides illumination equals to that of 40W tube light. 

à Use coolers during starting of summers instead AC’S as coolers are effective at starting i.e. before rainy seasons.

àUse Energy efficient devices as new electrical and electronic appliances comes with Star rating, there is almost 100 W saving with per star rating which will results into higher cost recovery of higher star rating devices within 1 year.

àUse laptops, computers, Cellphones without wallpapers which will save electricity.

àUse water level switch for water motor so that motor will be switched off whenever water get filled.

àSet AC temp. between 22-25 degree Celsius In summers as this will reduce compressor loading and also leads to auto-stops of AC which will save electricity.

àService your AC before season start and assure cleaning of filter every week as it will lead to effective cooling and attaining the desired temp. quickly and will leads to saving of electricity.

àPut your monitor in sleep mode when not in use and even switch-off if possible.

àSwitch off all appliances before leaving to trip and even Refrigerator which normally no one does. Refrigerator consumes 500W to 1000W depending upon temp. setting so switch off your refrigerator as it will lead to huge saving for every trip. It is advisable also to switch-off main MCB of your house before leaving.

àDo temp. setting of refrigerator depending upon weather conditions.

These will results into lower down user electricity charges by some amount.

These are smart money saving tips with electricity usage which we can implement effectively without much effort.