Thursday, April 3, 2014

India Power generation Capacity


Indian economy is going in strong way. The way Indian Economy is growing India is way lagging behind power demand requirement rising every year.
In India there are still people living in Villages without power also where power is available but there are so much power cuts.
If we accept that Indian GDP will grow at 9% then 20,000 MW Power required every year for the same.
Although total Installed Capacity of Power plants as on 31st Jan 2014 was about 2,34,601.94 MW as per CERC.

Coal Power Plants contributes about 59% of the above installed Capacity.

Gas Power Plants contributes about 9% of the above Installed capacity.

Hydro Power Plants contributes about 17.5% of above Installed capacity.

Nuclear Power Plants contributes about 2%.

RES (MNRE) i.e. Renewable Energy Sources contributes 12%.

Oil Power plants contributes about 0.5%.