Monday, May 5, 2014

3-Phase induction motor basis concept

When you are working with 3 Phase Induction motors you have found that when motor is delta connected and supply is given in one phase i.e. 230V then that phase voltage will appear as 230 V at all phases and when two phases are given to single winding then why not short circuit occurs???
That are very confusing at some times.

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But logic behind the same is that due to resistance of Induction motor two phases doesn't cause Short circuit. But they question arises if resistance drops two phases then why not when single phase get dropped in that resistance???

Answer for the same is that there isn't any return path given when single phase given to delta winding.

When two phases given to single winding then return path is provided by other phase. This is due to this phase difference or Potential difference current flow in winding.

This all seems to very simple but always quit confusing when you doesn't know it.