Sunday, May 11, 2014

Benefits of VFD'S other then Power saving

Lower Starting Current
VFD has an application that it acts like a starter with reduced voltage starting which will limit high in-rush current. If A motor started using DOL Starter or Star-Delta Starter then motor starting current remains to be very high approx 4-7 times rated current of motor but in case of VFD’S maximum starting current is limited to 150% of rated current of motor.

VFD’S also provide high starting torque by which motor will be able to start even heavy loads. E.g. Gas compressors needed to be drained during starting if other starters used but if we install VFD’S for the same then compressors needed not to be drained.

Multi-Motors Control 
A single VFD has the capability to control multiple motors. But other speed control starters don’t have that capability. 

Lower System Maintenance 
VFD’S use reduces maintenance cost both electrically. In Case of Star-Delta and DOL Starters high starting current will reduce life of Cables, Contactors and motors. VFDs also help to reduce wear on belts, sheaves, gearboxes and couplings.

Synchronization of motors 
By using VFD's it is possible to synchronize the motors. VFD's help to start all motors simultaneously with speed control and stop them simultaneously. VFD's help in precise speed control of motors.

High and lower speed control:-
VFD's help in running the motors below and above rated speed of motor. With VFD's it will also be possible to run motors in inching mode which will not be possible with other starters.