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Effects of High Voltage on Human body; High voltage effects oh Human Body


There is always need for transmission of Very high voltages as electricity demand is kept on increasing day by day. Big transmission lines shapes with current and high voltage amounts create substantial values of magnetic fields and electric stresses which influence the nearby items found at earth surfaces and the human being.

This must be investigating the effects of electromagnetic fields.

Besides electromagnetic noise, the electrostatic coupling & human effect have impact on telecommunication equipment's and plants primarily working in frequency range.

It is the controversy Discussion right eludes on Power Company and Government Management policy. There are a lot of criticize this arguments and supporting records and research paper.

Magnetic and electrical fields, frequently called EMF or electromagnetic fields, appear naturally and as an outcome of the Electricity generation, Power Transmission, Electricity distribution and use.
Electrical voltage and current is fields of force and creates EMF. They happen power lines are energized or around electrical devices.
Electric fields are due so they can be not absent in wires and electrical appliances the electric cord is plugged into an outlet (if the appliance is turned off).
Electric fields (E) exist a (+) or (-) electric charge is not absent. They apply forces on other charges. This field exists when there isn't any current. The higher the voltage, the more powerful is electric field at any specified distance in the cable.
Electric fields are weakened by things like buildings, trees, and vehicles. Burying power lines can remove human exposure to electric fields.
Magnetic fields result in the movement or current, for example when an appliance is plugged in and turned on or when there's current. Appliances but not turned on don't generate magnetic fields.

The higher the greater the current, the magnetic field's power.

One Tesla equals one Gauss and 10,000 Gauss equals 1,000 Milli-Gauss.
An EMF's power falls substantially with increasing distance in the source.
The Power is proportional to the voltage. Therefore, those are much exceeded by the electric fields . The magnetic field strength, by comparison, is proportional to the current in the lines that a magnetic field which is as high may be produced by a low voltage distribution line.
The truth is, electrical distribution systems account for a much higher percentage of the public's exposure to magnetic fields than the high voltage transmission lines that are bigger and more observable.
Electrical field: the portion that can readily be protected.
Magnetic field: part that can penetrate human and rock, steel flesh. The truth is, in regards to magnetic fields, bone and human flesh has the same penetrability as atmosphere!
Both fields are absolutely quiet and imperceptible: Those who live in a place with electric power, some degree of EMF that is man-made is encircling them.
The magnetic field strength is proportional to: the inverse square of the space in the line, and load current, period to phase spacing.
Exceptionally high voltages cause electrostatic effects, where as line & short circuit currents load currents are in charge of electromagnetic effects.

The effect is seen creatures that were leading with living things like people, plants, as well as vehicles, fences & buried close to these lines & conduits under.

The permeability of human body to permeability of atmosphere but has distinct electromagnetic values at a particular frequency for stuff that is distinct.

The body includes electric charges that are free (mainly in ion-abundant fluids like lymph and blood) that go in response to forces applied by charges on and currents streaming in power lines that are nearby. The procedures that create these body currents are called magnetic and electrical induction.

In electrical induction, charges bring or repel charges that are free within the body. As an example, a positively charged overhead transmission line gets negative charges to flow on the top portion of the body to the surfaces. The charges caused on the body surface switch also, since the charge switches from positive second. Negative charges caused on the top portion of the body one immediate flow into the lower portion of the body another moment.

The currents caused within the body by magnetic fields are best near lowest at the centre of the body and the periphery.

It's considered that, the magnetic field might cause a voltage in human body's tissue which induces a current to flow due to its conductivity of around them through it.

The magnetic field has sway on tissues in the body. These influences may be dangerous or advantageous based upon its nature.

The magnitude of internal and surface charge body currents which are caused by any specified supply of power-frequency fields depends on many variables. Included in these are the magnitude of currents and the charges in the source, the body's space in the source, body position, shape, and the existence of other items which may protect or focus the field, and inclination. That is why currents and the surface charges which a specified field causes have become distinct for creatures and distinct Individual.

When a grounded item reaches, it is going to eliminate through his body causing lots of discharge current. Discharge currents -60 Hz electromagnetic fields are not stronger than natural currents including those from the electric process of heart and the mind.

When designing a transmission lines this limit isn't crossed, as well as this appropriate attention was taken so that you can keep minimal clearance.

Temporary Health Problem due to High Voltages:-

Head Aches
Prickling or burning skin
Muscle pain
Following serious health Problems may be appear as a result of EMF effects.

(1) Threat of damaging DNA.
Our body acts and receiver, including and reacting to EMFs. The truth is, scientific research has shown that each cell within you may have its EMF, helping help you to stay healthy and to modulate significant functions.

Powerful, man-made EMFs like those can clamber and restrict your body's natural EMF, damaging everything and DNA out of your sleep cycles and anxiety levels!

(2) Danger of Cancer
After countless international studies, the evidence linking EMFs to other health problems and cancers is clear and loud.

(3) Danger of Leukemia
(4) Threat of degenerative disease that is Neuro
(5) Threat of Miscarriage

2) EMF Effects on Creatures
Many researchers are examining Electrostatic field's effect on creatures. To be able to do thus the researchers keeps animals' cages under high Electrostatic field of m.

3) EMF Effects
Most of the places in forest and agricultural properties. The voltage amount are 400KV, 230KV, 110KV, 66KV etc. The development of plants influences.

Slowly increases or declines and reaches to minimal current or maximum current and then it begins to fall down to lowest current or raises to a constant current or maximum current. It evinces till another day morning with small changes.

In Power transmission lines that are current changes according to Load (it to depending upon the quantity of electricity consumed by the consumers) . Thus the effect (due to current) upon the development of plants stays unaltered through the year.

From various nearly study it was found the result of the harvest to EMF from 230 KV Power lines and 110 KV revealed variations among the consumers).

Similar tendency were found in the biochemical features like chlorophyll. Physiological parameter and reduced development was mainly on account of the effect and cell enlargement. Further the development was stunted which may be a result of inferior activity of hormones in charge of cell division and cell enlargement.

The biochemical changes produced in this plant because of EMF pressure rather clear and the generation resulting in economical loss influences. It's reasoned this EMF pressure was fairly clear and the decreased development parameter revealed in the harvest plants would indicates the EMF has used a stress and the generation resulting in economical loss influences. So additional research actions are needed from EMF pressure to safe safeguard plants.

4) EMF Effects parked near Line
When a discharge current flows touches it . The recommended clearance is 20 m and 17 m so that you can avoid this parking lots are located.

5) EMF Effects Cables
A conducting loops if it is grounded at both ends are formed by a fence, irrigation conduit, pipeline, electric distribution line. The ground forms another part of the loop. The magnetic field can cause a current to flow in a loop that is such if it's oriented parallel to the line.

The chance for a jolt exists if the loop closes by contacting both the conductor and the earth.

For pipe lines, and fences, buried cables appropriate attention was taken to prevent the person from charging due. The person must be buried at least 30 in the line centre when using pipelines 15 cm.

6) EMF Effects Care Worker
Care processes of power lines are live or often performed with systems for supplying constant and uninterrupted supply of electric power.

That is hot line care or live line care. Magnetic fields and the electric fields related to these power lines may impact the well-being. The well-being of people affects and cause several disorders by changing bulk regions of the body. Individuals of periods affect and causes ailments included and occasionally death that is short term additionally.

Contradiction Effect
You will find two reasons electromagnetic fields related to power systems could present no risk to human well-being.

They may be non-ionizing and are noticeably different from ionizing radiation including X rays and gamma rays in frequency. Microwaves have 1,000 MHZ, higher frequencies and above. Ionizing radiation, like gamma rays and X rays, has frequencies. The energy from higher-frequency fields is consumed more easily by biological substance. Microwaves can be absorbed by water and cause heat that may be dangerous, based upon the amount of heat that develops. On the other hand, extremely low frequency EMF cause ionization or doesn't have enough energy.

Second, big natural electric fields are maintained by all cells .

When an outside agent for example an ELF fields softly perturbs an activity in the cell, it may be compensated for by other procedures so that there's no general disruption to the organism.

But dangerous effects are caused by powerful fields when their magnitude exceeds stimulation thresholds (brain and central nervous system), muscle and heart.

Health hazards
In India it's stipulated that electrical field strength must not exceed 4.16 kV/m and magnetic field strength shouldn't surpass 100muT in public places.

When effect is shown on the cellular amount in lab experiments, it's difficult to forecast how and whether they'll impact the entire organism. Procedures at the individual cell level are incorporated through intricate mechanisms in the creature.

Decrease Effect
You will find two fundamental 60-Hz magnetic field decrease (reduction) systems: active and passive.

Passive magnetic field decrease includes stiff magnetic shielding with highly conductive and ferromagnetic substances, and using passive shield cables installed near transmission lines that create opposing cancellation fields.

Active magnetic field decrease uses electronic feedback to feel a changing 60-Hz magnetic field, subsequently creates a proportionally opposing (nulling) cancellation field within a defined region (room or building) encompassed by cancellation coils.

2) Compaction and Line Shape
Keeping the only variable and all the parameters the same is the period-to- phase spacing.

Other studies revealed that, by raising the height above the amount of another phase conductors increasing the space between phases leads to the decrease in the peak value.

Reducing the period-to-phase space, leads to the decrease. The electric insulating material level between periods limits this decrease between phases.

(A) compaction causes For single circuit lines, a great decrease. This leads to carry exactly the same power on towers that are shorter. This gives an excellent decrease of the tower price.

3) Grounding
Induced currents will show up and are constantly present in electric fields. But must be a policy like fences, which are located on the right of way, to earth metal items. These things are eliminated by the grounding as sources of induced voltage and current jolts.

Multiple grounding points are utilized to provide redundant paths for current flow that was induced and mitigate pain shocks.

4) Supplying Right of Way(R.O.W)

These strips are often evaluated to reduce the effects of the energized line including electrical and magnetic field effects.

5) Keeping Appropriate Clearance

Unlike buildings or fences, mobile items like vehicles and farm machinery cannot be grounded forever. Limiting the likelihood of induced currents from such items to individuals is achieved by keeping appropriate clearances for above ground conductors often restrict field strengths to amounts which don't represent annoyance or a danger.

Restricting accessibility region by growing conductor clearances in places where big vehicles could not be absent.

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