Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chemical earthing; Maintenance free earthing; Gel earthing

Chemical earthing is now becoming popular within industry as they have long life without any maintenance and also they provide good resistance value.

There isn't any different method for making Chemical earthing. There is only difference in type of treatment used in making earthing pit.

Treatment used in earthing pits also know as artificial treatment of earthing pits

Multiple rods, even in large number, may sometime fail to produce an adequately low resistance to earth. This condition arises in installations involving soils of high resistivity. The alternative is to reduce the resistivity of the soil immediately surrounding the earth electrode. To reduce the soil resistivity, it is necessary to dissolve in the moisture, normally contained in the soil, some substance which is highly conductive in its water solution. The most commonly used substances are sodium chloride ( NaCl ), also known as common salt, calcium chloride ( CaClj ), sodium carbonate ( NasCOs ), copper sulphate ( CuS04 ), salt, and soft coke, and salt and charcoal in suitable proportions.

This is treatment use in earthing pits.

But in chemical earthing pits there chemical used containing following materials:-

Chemical compound have following :-
-          Bentonite,
-          Electric Cabron
-          Copper Silecate
-          Sodium silicate
-          And CCM (Carsolinite conductive mixture)

Most commonly RIYA CGM makes the chemical for Chemical Earthing which has following characteristics:-
·         Highly efficient, more conductive and exhibits anti corrosive properties.
·         Reduces soil resisitive and lowers the ohmic  values of Electrode.
·         Absorbs Moisture from the Earth and retains for  a long period of time.
·         Eliminates the use of Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Cu sulphates and other common salts.
·         Eco friendly, safe and reliable
·         Much stretched life.

Also as per the cost aspect there isn't any difference in making these earthing pits.

These earhtings are also more reliable and required no effort for maintaining them.

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