Saturday, December 6, 2014

Comparison between LED Vs Incandescent VS CFL lights

LED VS CFL VS Incandescent Light
Light Emitting diode is having Life span of 5000 Hrs , Incandescent light is having life span of 1200 Hrs and CFL has life span of 8000 Hrs.

LEDs use less power per unit of light generated (lumens).  LEDs help reduce electric bills LED’s consumes 6-8 watts against 60W in incandescent light and 12-15 watts in CFL for same lumens.

This will leads to huge power saving in a year against other available incandescent and CFL’s.

Although LED’s having initial cost against incandescent and CFL’s but payback period is from 6-8 months only depending upon usage and electricity charges in different geographies.

For knowing how LED works please visit the link below:-

Also there are environmental effects also LED doesn’t use toxic mercury but incandescent and CFL’s contains mercury.

Lower energy consumption decreases: CO2 emissions, sulfur oxide, and high-level nuclear waste. 

LED’s uses less power also longer life which will leads to lower scrap.

LED’s doesn’t have sensitivity to lower temp. but incandescent and CFL’s have. CFL’s doesn’t work below -10 degree.

LED’s also emit very low heat in comparison to Incandescent and CFL’s.

Comparison Chart:-

LED Incandescent  CFL'S
Lumens Watts Watts Watts
450 4-5 40.00 9-13
800 6-8 60.00 13-15
1,100 9-13 75.00 18-25
1,600 16-20 100.00 23-30
2,600 25-28 150.00 30-55

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