Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A2XWY; A2XFY Cables meaning; XLPE cables advantages over PVC cables

Technical Specification of Aluminum Cables in terms of codes

So many times you have seen coding while specifying cables technical such as A2XWY now what does this means.

Now there is nomenclature for the same which is used while describing the same.


A -  Aluminium
2X- XLPE Insulation
W – Steel round wire armour
F- Steel Strip Armour
WW- Double Steel round Armour
FF- Double Steel Strip Armour
Y- PVC outer Sheath
Wa- Non Magnetic round wire Armour
Fa- Non Magnetic Strip Armour
AW- Aluminum Wire Armour

Now As per A2XWY – This describes that it is Aluminum cable, XLPE insulated, With Steel round wire armour and having PVC outer Sheath.

This coding is as per IS 7098(Part1):1988.

You have also seen that there is coding for copper so there is no coding required in case of copper cables.

XLPE cables advantages over PVC cables/ Thermoplastic cables:-

1.      XLPE cables have higher Power rating about 1.2 times PVC cables
2.      XLPE cables have higher short circuit rating about 1.2 times of PVC cables.
3.      XLPE cables have higher cable operating temperature i.e. about 90 degree celcius.
4.      XLPE cables have higher Short circuit temprature rating i.e. 250 degree celcius.
5.      XLPE cables have higher insulation resistance about 1000 times that of PVC cables.
6.      XLPE cables have higher resistance to moisture about 100 times that of PVC cables,
7.      XLPE cables have higher resistance chemicals and eroding gases that’s why these are used in erofing weather conditions.
8.      XLPE cables have longer cable life and higher electrical retention strength.