Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lubrication Interval and Vibration Level in motors

Lubrication Interval of Motor

In Induction motors Lubrication plays an important part for efficient operation of motor.
Timely lubrication also leads to lower breakdown of motors.

Below is the lubrication interval of the motor.

Lubrication Interval of Motor
Vibration Level In motors:-

Vibration of an electrical machine is closely related to its assembly on the application and, thus, it is generally desirable to perform vibration measurements under installation and operational conditions. Nevertheless, to allow evaluation of the vibration generated by the electrical machine itself in a way to allow reproducibility of the tests and the obtaining of comparative measurements, it is necessary to perform such measurements with the machine uncoupled, under controlled test conditions. The test conditions and vibration limits described here are those found in IEC 60034-14.
The severity of vibration is the maximum value of vibration found among all the recommended measurement points and directions. The table below indicates the recommended admissible values of vibration severity under IEC standard 60034-14 for the frames IEC 56 to 400, for degrees of vibration A and B.