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Induction motor International and Indian Standards used in Designing

Induction motors are backbone of any industry. There are various International and Indian Standards while designing and selection of motors. While selection of induction motors following standards are used:-

Codes and Standards used in Designing and Selection for Induction motors

Codes and Standards
IEC 60034-1, IEC 60085, DIN EN 60034-1

General specifications for rotating electrical machines
IEC 60034-2, DIN EN 60034-2

Specification of the losses and efficiency of rotating electrical machines

IEC/EN 61241, DIN EN 61241

Areas containing flammable dust
IEC/EN 60079-15, DIN EN 60079-15

Type of protection “n” (non-sparking)
IEC/EN 60079-7, DIN EN 60079-7

Increased safety “e”
IEC/EN 60079-1, DIN EN 60079-1

Explosion-proof enclosure “d”
IEC/EN 60079-0, DIN EN 60079-0

General regulations
IEC 60034-5, DIN EN 60034-5

Degrees of protection of rotating electrical machines
DIN ISO 10816
Vibration limits
IEC 60034-14, DIN EN 60034-14

Vibration severity of rotating electrical machines
IEC 60034-6, DIN EN 60034-6

Cooling methods for rotating electrical machines
IEC 60038 ,DIN IEC 60038

IEC standard voltages
IEC 60034-9, DIN EN 60034-9

Noise limit values for rotating electrical machines
IEC 60034-11 ,DIN EN 60034-11

Built-in thermal protection
IEC 60072 fixing only, DIN EN 50347

Asynchronous AC motors for general use with standardized dimensions and outputs

IEC 60034-12, DIN EN 60034-12

Restart characteristics for rotating electrical machines
IEC 60034-, DIN EN 60034-8

Terminal designations and direction of rotation for electrical machines

IEC 60034-7 , DIN EN 60034-7

Designation for type of construction, installation and
terminal box position

DIN 42925
Entry to terminal box
IS 325
Three phase induction motors

IS 1231
Dimensions of three phase foot mounted induction motors
IS 1271
Thermal evaluation and classification of electrical insulation
IS 2148
Flameproof enclosures for electrical apparatus
IS 2223
Dimensions of Flange mounted A.C. induction motors
IS 2253
Designation for Types of construction and mounting arrangements of rotating electrical machines
IS 2254
Dimensions of vertical shaft motors for pumps

IS 2968
Slide rails for electric motors, dimensions
IS 4029
Guide for testing 3 phase Induction Motors
IS 4691
Degree of protection provided by enclosures for rotating electrical machinery

IS 4722
Rotating electrical machines
IS 4728
Terminal marking and direction of rotation for rotating electrical machinery
IS 4889
Method of determination of efficiency of rotating electrical
IS 5571
Guide for selection of electrical equipment for hazardous areas
IS 6362
Methods of cooling for rotating electrical machines
IS 8223
Dimensions and output ratings for foot mounted rotating electrical machines with frame numbers 355 to 1080.
IS 9628
Specification for three phase induction motors with type of protection ‘n’
IS 8789
Values of performance characteristics for 3 phase Induction motors
IS 6381
Construction & testing of electrical apparatus with type of protection 'e'
IS 7389
Pressurized enclosure of electrical equipment for use in hazardous area.
IS 7816
Guide for testing insulation resistance of rotating machines.
IS 8289
Specifications for electrical equipment with type of protection ‘n’.
IS 12065
Permissible limits of noise level for rotating electrical machines
IS 12075
Mechanical vibration of rotating electrical machines with shaft heights 56mm and higher-Measurement, evaluation and limits of vibration severity
IS 12802
Temperature rise measurement of rotating electrical machines.
IS 13529
Guide on effects of unbalanced voltages on the performance of three phase cage induction motors.
IS 13555
Guide for selection and application of three phase induction motors for different types of driven equipment.

These are different standards used while procurement of Induction motors.

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