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Geysers construction; Geysers working principle; Selection of Geysers

Geysers are integral part of Household. They are used to heat the water. Now in this article we will discuss about:-
Geyser works on the principle that electrical energy is converted into heat energy. Heating element is used to generate the heat to heat the water. The heater and immersion rods have same principle but only difference is of controlling and protections in geysers.

Geysers are of three types:-
1.       Pressure Type
2.       Non-Pressure type
3.       Instantaneous Type geysers

Now let’s discuss them one by one:-
1.       Pressure Type Geysers:-
These Types of geysers are usually storage type geysers. In these geysers have a storage tank where water is kept under pressure, this pressure allows hot water to flow in taps and showers at good flow-rate.
In these geysers cold water inlet is kept at bottom of geyser and hot water outlet is kept at Top of geyser. Whenever there is requirement of Hot water, hot water withdrawn get equally displaced by cold water. By keeping cold water inlet at bottom of geyser ensures that geyser never gets emptied and avoid the burning of heating element.

2.       Non-Pressure type geysers:-
These geysers are very which similar to pressure type geysers with only difference is that it has single outlet which displaces hot water when the valve on the cold water is  opened. In these geysers thermostat is installed on water supply system.

3.      Instantaneous type Geysers:-
These type of geysers are available in both  pressure and non-pressure types. But  non-pressure type instantaneous geysers are most commonly used. In these geysers heating element is wired around the pipe. Heating element is used to heat the water matching the flow rate. Heating element used in these type of geysers is of higher rating. Material used for these geysers is of durable  material  so as to ensure safety.
Geyser Parts
There are following parts of a geyser:-

(a)    Inlet Tube:- As clear from name it is used for cold water inlet in geyser
(b)   Heating element :- This is used to heat the water
(c)    Outlet valve:- This is used for hot water outlet from geyser
(d)   Steel Tank/ Fiber Tank:- These are used to hold all parts of geyser and also water is stored in this tank in  case of storage type geysers.
(e)    Pressure relief Valve:- This is used to protect the geyser in case of high pressure in geyser which was generated during heating up of water.
(f)     Temperature cut off Switch (thermostat):- This is used to switch off power supply when temperature rises above the limit.
(g)     Anticorrosion Anode rod:- This is used to keep steel tank free from corrosion. The rod is usually made of magnesium which attracts corrosive elements and further prevents tank from corrosion.
(h)   Insulation:- Insulating material is used to keep water warm for long time. This material used for insulation is an epoxy or glass lining 
Geysers Internal Parts are as shown below:-
Geyser Parts

While Selection of Geyser following points needed to be taken in consideration:-
1. Star Rating if Geyser
2. Standing losses per day:- These losses means if geyser is kept on 24 hrs when water get heated up. Usually 25 Ltr 5 star Geyser standing losses/24 hrs are 0.5 KWH/24 hrs.
3. Short circuit protection in Geysers:- Although Pressure relief valve and Thermostat are provided for protection of geysers. But now days additional Safety feature is provided in geysers so as to protect the Humen beings against shock if Short circuit occurs in geysers, in this protection 240 V supply get converted into 24/12 V supply during short circuit so that shock doesn't occur.

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