Friday, September 2, 2016

Electricity from Pototes and Other Fruits and vegetables

Electricity works on an idea that whenever two dissimilar metals bring in contact with an electrolytic solution then there will electron movement in these metals when these metals are connected using a conductor.

All plants consist of fluid which is electrolyte for metals. So using above principle of inserting metals in a fluid will leads to electricity generation.

We have done during childhood for generating electricity from potatoes.

It works on principle that Potatoes contains a liquid in which many water soluble chemicals are present. So these may cause a chemical reaction with one or both of our electrodes. So we will get some electricity from that.

Best result will be obtained while using zinc and copper electrodes.

Let’s discuss about the same experiment:-
For conducting experiment let’s take 8 potatoes. We will take 8 potatoes to get enough electricity to light up a LED.
Now insert different metals of any shapes into these potatoes.
Now by using small wires all potatoes are connected in series. Series connection can be done soldering wires at metal ends or by making after series connections one wire is connected to LED which is taken from last potato and other wire is taken from 1st potato.

Electricity from Potatoes

Now this last wire which is connected at one end acts as phase and other wire which is taken from 1st potato acts as neutral.

You will see that LED starts glowing.

Electricity generated during this process in DC in nature.

We can generate higher amount of electricity using lemons as Lemons are having acidic nature which will leads to metals to react quickly so they will generate more electricity.
So for conducting same experiment for generating electricity half the quantity of potatoes.
When you measure voltage generated by one potato using digital multi-meter you will find that it will shows 1.2 volts so in order to get enough value for glowing a LED at-least 8 potatoes must be used.

Now if you keep connecting LED for long time then you will find that when you cut the potato it will be found black.

Similar experiment can also be applicable for fruits such as oranges and apples.

Electricity from Boiled Potatoes

Recent experiments has also shown that if boiled potatoes are used in experiments than they will produce electricity ten times than raw potatoes.

As boiled potatoes break the resistance which will leads to more smooth passage for electrons.

If you cut the potatoes into 4-5 pieces then efficiency will be increased considerably.

Even you can light up a room using boiled potatoes for over one month.

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