Monday, April 3, 2017

How to make extension board?

Extension board as the name implies it is used for extending the circuit means providing the power supply at the desired place.
Extension boards are part of every house ,every commercial establishment and even every industrial establishment. Extension boards are readily available in the market and these can be designed as per requirements.
There is very simple circuit diagram of an extension board. You can design extension board from one switch socket to as many as you required. It is easy to design the extension board at home very easily and it is very cheap method of constructing the extension board instead of buying the same as it is very costly affair.

Extension board consists of following:-
1. Switches
2. Sockets
3. Extension cord
4. Box on which switch sockets mounted

Below is the method for making an extension board. Circuit diagram for the same is as shown below:-
Extension board circuit diagram
Phase is circulated in sockets through switches and neutral and earth are connected at every socket directly.
You can install 5A or 15 A switch and sockets as per your load requirements.
If you are using 3 no.s 5A switch sockets then a 2.5 mmsq copper wire for phase, neutral and earth will be sufficient
If you are using 3 no.s ,15 A switch sockets then wire should be 4 mmsq copper.
As you keep on increasing no. of switch sockets you should have to increase the size of wire accordingly.
All connections should be tightly done and no loose wiring should be remain as otherwise it leads to short circuit and shocks. So double check should be done for checking tightness.

After doing the connections as stated above. Connect a plug top as per rating of switch and sockets and now you will ready to use your extension board.

Repairing Extension Board:-
You can also repair extension board very easily. If there is fault in any switch, Socket or wire then same can be replaced and repairing of extension board can be done.

One thing which must be kept in mind that if your are putting load on all sockets then connection for the same should be taken from socket or mcb of rating according to load connected to the extension board as otherwise it may leads to fault in socket or MCB from load is taken.

Cost of Making extension Board at Home:-
Cost of Making extension board is very low in comparison to extension board available in market .e.g.  an extension board consisting of anchor Make switch sockets will cost you around about 500-600 for 3 Switch/ sockets and if you made it at home you will save 50% cost i.e. cost of making extension board at home is 300-400/-
Also you will make good quality extension board at home.

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