Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hybrid Conditioners Unknown facts

In this world technology is keeps on changing so as the people. As people keeps on looking for new technology. Now you have seen that in air conditioners alone there are so many technology changes taking place. In past inverter Air conditioners were launched which consumes very low power. Now Hybrid Air conditioners are launched.

Now 1st under understand what is hybrid means???
Hybrid Air conditioner means which can run two power sources/fuel for running an air conditioner. In hybrid 1st source is electricity and another is by using solar energy.

These Air conditioners made to run on Solar power. These Air conditioners can run 100% on solar power. Another power source is taken as optional as in some cases when solar power is not available then that source can be used.

As these Air conditioners can run 100% on solar power these AC’s are equipped with inverter and battery system so that these air conditioners can run in night hours also. During day time these batteries get charged and will provide power through inverter in night hours. In Day time AC’s can run directly from solar power through inverter.

Companies which are making these AC’s are giving 25 years warranty on power generation capability of solar panels and 10 years warranty on solar panels. So this means that there isn’t any cost involve on solar panels replacement for life time, but following points must be taken care before buying these AC’s:-

1.       Space required for AC’s :- Since these AC’s are equipped with Inverter and batteries so Larger space will be required for accommodating the same.

2.       Life of Batteries and Inverter:- Since Manufacturers are giving warranty on solar panel for 10 years but warranty for inverter and battery will be maximum 2 years so do consider the cost of replacement of batteries and inverter while calculating maintenance cost.

3.       Sun facing House:- Do some technical before installation as if your house isn’t sun facing then your purpose of installation of these AC’s get defeated.  

4.       High Initial cost:- These AC’s will have very high initial cost almost double of other AC’s, as there is added cost of inverter, batteries, Solar panels.

Although these AC’s will reduce burden on your electricity by huge amount but above parameters must be taken care before doing comparison between AC’s.

These AC’s are very efficient and having copper condenser which required lower power.

Let’s check Viability of installation of these Air conditioners:-

Let’s take 1.5 ton 5 start AC having power consumption of 1200 Watt/Hr which will run for 12 hours whole year. Now let’s take a Hybrid AC. Now let’s compare them:-

Initial cost of 1.5 ton 5 star AC = 55000/-

Initial cost of 1.5 ton Hybrid AC= 130000  /-

Electricity consumption per day= 12 X 1200= 14.4 KW/Hour

Electricity consumption for whole year= 14.4 X 365 = 5256 units

Electricity Bill for whole year= 5256 X 8 = 42048 Rs

Now considering Maintenance cost for both AC’s as same then :-

Total Cost of 1.5 ton 5 Star AC = 55000 +42048 = 97048/-

Which means 2 years required for recovery of cost of Hybrid AC’s in case of whole year usage.
Now after 2 years you have to bear cost of replacement of Batteries which is approx.= 20000/-
So that cost will leads to 2.5 years of recovery.

In places where usage is only for 6 months then Rate of recovery will be 5 years . So do consider these factors while installation of these AC’s 

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