Saturday, July 21, 2018

Three and a half minutes: Doctor's advice

Three and a half minutes: Doctor's advice! *
Dr KP Singh


* Special notice for those who have to go to bed while sleeping in the morning or night !! *

Every person should be careful in this three and a half minutes.

*Why is it so important?*
This can reduce the number of deaths for three and a half minutes of unexpected deaths.

When such incidents have occurred, as a result the healthy person has also been found dead at night.

Regarding such people, we say that only yesterday we talked to them. What happened suddenly? How did it die?

The main reason for this is that whenever we go for immersion at night, then suddenly or sudden, we do not get blood till the brain.

These three and a half minutes are very important.

When we get up to pitch in midnight, our ECG pattern can change. The reason for this is that, when suddenly standing, the brain is unable to reach the blood and the action of our heart closes.

Three and a half minutes effort is a great solution.

1. Stay awake at half-minute mattress while sleeping. *

2. * Sit on the mattress for the next half minute. *

3. * Leave the next twenty-eight-minutes feet swinging under the mattress. *

After three and a half minutes your brain will not be blood and the action of the heart will not stop! Due to this sudden deaths will be reduced.

Make sure your loved ones benefit and be aware of it.

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