Sunday, April 20, 2014

Air conditioner Power Consumption

Whenever anyone going to Install an AC then first everyone planned power charges that they will have to pay after using AC.

Actually it is correct that one ton of air-conditioning is equal to 12,000 btu/hr. However the other question trying to convert a one ton A/C unit into kw/hr consumed is very dependant on the make and model of the air-conditioner, as well as its EER (energy Efficiency Rate). These range from 6-14 EER. Standard average one ton A/C unit consumes 1.335 KW/hr. 
#13650 btu= 4.0004205 kwh 
According to that for 1 Ton Ac 12000=3.51685 kwh 

And , for 2 Ton AC 24000 btu required , for 2 ton Ac , 
as per calculation 7.33706 kwh power required. 
But in practical is not there. 
As 2 Ton AC is taking max 14 to 15 Amp.Load. 
= 15*220 
=3.3 kwh

So for 1 Ton AC Power Consumption stands at 1.7 KWH
For 1.5 Ton AC Power consumption stands at 2.5 KWH
Similarly for 2 Ton AC Power consumption will be 3.3 KWH.