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Principle and Selection of electrical Chimney

Electrical Chimney is now becoming integral part of every house as houses are shrinking so to get natural ventilation becomes very difficult.Before purchasing chimney lot you have to carry out lot of research on internet so as to get best product as per your requirements. There are so many chimneys available in the market which can be selected as per requirements. It is always useful to look into technical specifications, prices , size etc. as per kitchen requirements. Electrical chimneys are basically forced method of ventilation. All chimneys work on the principle of Updraft.

Principle of Working of Chimney
As Stated earlier that chimney works on the principle of updraft. Updraft is nothing but flow of air from bottom to top.  Pressure difference will created the required updraft. This required pressure difference is created by chimney.  Longer the height or length of pipe in chimney , longer will be the air is forced to travel through it. It must be kept in mind while designing chimney is that , chimney must be sealed from outside along the length of chimney.  When there were breaks along the length of chimney then outside air will comes in and draft will not strong. As said earlier without draft chimney will not work.  

Selection of Electrical Chimney:-

There are following parameters which must be kept in mind while selection of  a Chimney:-
1.       Size of Chimney:-
Chimney size should be more than or equal to size of Gas stove.
2.       Chimney capacity/ Suction of chimney:-
(i)                 If duct length or Distance from chimney to outlet is more than 8 feet than it is recommended to have chimney having Suction more than 1000.
(ii)               If duct length or Distance from chimney to outlet is 5-8 feet than it is recommended to have chimney having Suction 700-1000.
(iii)             If duct length or Distance from chimney to outlet is up-to 5 feet than it is recommended to have chimney having Suction up-to 700.
3.       Cleaning feature:-
There are following of cleaning features available in chimneys:-
(a)    Auto Clean Feature:- Pour water and press auto clean button for cleaning the filter from oil and grease.
(b)   3rd generation auto clean Chimney:- In this feature there is no need of adding water , just press the button and heating element will vaporize oil and grease.

4.       Selection of filter:-
There are following filter available:-
(i)                 Baffle Filter
(ii)               Aluminum Cassette filter

Now how these filters works are explained as below:-
(i)                 Baffle filter
The baffle is flow control panel. Baffle filters are made of Stainless steel.  In This filter there are many curves through which exhaust gases will move. During this movement of smoke, oil and grease particles will remains on filter. As In case of Cassette filters where oil and grease obstruct the path of air movement in these filters there will not be any obstruction  so suction power doesn’t have any effect. These filters requires cleaning after 3-4 weeks.

Advantages of baffle filter
(i)                 These filters requires less cleaning and low maintenance comparison to Cassette filters.
(ii)               These filters have longer life than cassette filters.
(iii)              These filters provide more efficiency to chimney in comparison to cassette filters as air flow isn’t restricted by oil and grease.
Disadvantages of baffle filter
(i)                 As these filters are made from Stainless steel so these filters are heavier than cassette filters so sometimes it may become difficult in detaching baffle filter from chimney
(ii)               These filters are more costlier.

(iii)             Aluminum Cassette filters:-
In these types of filters there are multiple layers of mesh which retain grease, oil particle from smoke and throw out remaining smoke. When these cassette filters block oil and grease than its holes get blocked which results in reduction of suction capacity.  These filters required washing once a week.

Advantages of cassette filter
(a)    Cassette filter are cheaper in comparison to baffle filters.
(b)   Cassette filters are of lightweight so detaching cassette filter from chimney is so easy.
Disadvantages of cassette filter
(a)    These filters required cleaning on regular basis i.e. once a week. If cleaning isn’t done in some cases grease, oil that stick on mesh threads catch fire. 
(b)   Cleaning cassette filter much difficult than baffle filter.
(c)    Cassette filter prevents easy air flow and makes little bit extra noise compare to baffle filter.

Auto clean and oil collector are latest features in chimneys. 
There is lot of smoke generated while cooking different kinds of foods in kitchen. Sometimes when we are frying or cooking some oily food then lot of smoke get generated chimney just sucks that smoke and through it out.

Now this smoke contains lot of oil which get accumulate inside chimney, so it is required timely cleaning of chimney. Chimney cleaning is quite an effort taking process earlier but with introduction of auto clean features in chimney it hardly takes any effort.

Now chimneys are having oil collector and cleaning button mounted on its display. For auto cleaning just add some water in oil collector part and press auto clean ,now as soon as button pressed auto-cleaning process get started.

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